Four new projects are to be launched funded by the Incubator - Collaborative Research Projects Fund

The CSS Incubator - Collaborative Research Projects Fund seeks to promote outstanding social science research led by CSS researchers. The Fund supports research projects in their early stage assisting them to apply for – preferably  international – grants  (H2020, ERC or Lendület, NKFIH NN, etc.) , thus enabling CSS to be a successful proactive actor in the international scientific and research funding scene.

Awards are granted for innovative research projects aiming at scientific output of international significance, resulting in outstanding international publications and having the potential to attract support from international granting agencies.

Project proposals need to involve international partners, young researchers and are preferred to take an interdisciplinary approach to their topics.

The following four projects out of nine applications received funding based on the opinion of two independent reviewers:

  • Márton Gerő (Institute for Sociology): (De-)Democratization and the trajectories of civil society
  • Csaba Győry (Institute for Legal Studies): Making Markets, Translating Markets: Market Surveillance and Financial Regulation
  • Zsófia Papp (Institute for Political Science): Linkage as a source of satisfaction. Legislators' responsiveness and citizens' satisfaction with democracy
  • Gergő Medve-Bálint (Institute for Political Science): Beyond dependent market economies: The politics of transnationalized developmental regimes in Eastern Europe