CSS HAS researchers participate in the Annual Conference of the European Sociological Association

ESA holds its annual conference  this year in Manchester, 20–23 August 2019, around the topic 

Members of the Political Communications Research Team of the Institute for Political Science, CSS HAS participate in the panel Politics of boundaries: social semiotics and multimodality in communication studies with the following papers:
Kiss, BalázsVertical to Horizontal to Central. Spatial Metaphors in Hungarian Politics since 1990
Bene, MártonThe semiotic resources of left-wing political community between 1990 and 2015.
Szabó, Gabriella: Incivility as semiotic resource. Lessons from Hungary.
Farkas, XéniaVisual political communication resources in Hungary, 1990–2015.
Nábelek, Fruzsina: Changing patterns of negative campaigning in Hungary.

From the research team Give Kids a Chance: 
Kiss, Márta and Perpék, Éva give two papers:
Sustainability Dilemmas of a Program to Combat Child Poverty
and Compensation of Educational Disadvantages as Social Service?

Vastagh, ZoltánThe Role of the State in the Genesis of Social Structure: the Resource-Integrational Model 

Zakariás, Ildikó and Feischmidt, Margit (Institute for Minority Studies, CSS HAS) give a lecture on Solidarity in Transnational Context: Refugee Representations of Hungarian Migrants Working in the German Refugee Reception System.

From the Institute for Sociology, CSS HAS:
Takács, Judit and Szalma, IvettDemocracy Deficit and Homophobic Divergence in 21st Century Europe

Marieke, Heers and Szalma, IvettSocietal Father Roles, Gender Ideologies and Father-Child Contact After Parental Breakup

Olt, Gergely, Buzogány, Áron and Kerényi, Szabina: Urban Grassroots Movements in the Illiberal State. Reconsidering the effects of post-socialist transformations in Hungary

Huszár, Ákos: Is Hungarian Society a Class Society? The Changing of the Hungarian Class Structure in European Comparison

Kristóf, LucaCanon Formation in a Polarised Cultural Elite

Sarlós, Gábor and Ferencz, Zoltán: Leadership and Communication: Parameter Setting for Action Against Climate Change 

Ferencz, Zoltán, Csizmady, Adrienne and Kőszeghy, Lea: Low Income Households’ Energy-related Attitudes in the Focus of Climate Change